It’s almost boot season again and you may be wondering how to care for and clean your boots so you can get another season out of them or the most life out of a brand new pair. Leather boots are a very popular choice because of their ability to conform to your foot, their comfort and durability. While leather boots can be more expensive than other types of boots you’re more apt to keep them in good shape longer by caring for them properly.

Klinke’s Cleaners has pulled together some leather boot care tips to help you keep your boots looking and fitting great through another season 

Don’t dive into wearing new boots, wear them around the house on carpet for a couple of hours before you commit to wearing them for a whole day. Leather boots will conform to your foot but typically do not have a lot of give so you want to make sure they’re a good fit before hurting your feet.

Cedar shoe trees are not just a great way to store your boots, they provide a nice fresh scent and remove excess moisture. Moisture in leather boots is an important consideration and too much moisture can ruin leather. Use the cedar shoe tree as soon as you take the boot off to remove excess moisture. 

On that same note, did you know that there are 125,000 sweat glands in your feet? It’s a great idea to let your leather boots dry out between uses, so you may want to wear them every other day to extend their lifespan. 

Water and stain protective sprays should be reapplied to your leather boots every few months. A one-time application or even annual applications are not enough to really protect the leather.

Pay attention to your wear patterns and the heels and soles of your leather boots. Did you know that if you have a gait that wears your shoes unevenly you could be damaging the upper portion of the boot too? If you begin to see wear on your boot soles or heels it’s time to see a cobbler about some repairs as uneven wear can destroy the balance and shape of leather boots.

If you want to spruce up your boots, stop in to have them cleaned at your nearest Klinke Cleaners location to keep them looking their best, longer.