Linen is a perfect fabric for spring and summer because it’s light, breathable and comfortable.

This woven fabric is made from the fibers of flax plants, and requires special consideration when cleaning. Let’s take a look at the best way to keep your linen clean so you can keep on wearing it, season after season.

First, take a look at the care label to determine whether your garment is machine washable, or needs dry cleaning. Although linen is a washable fabric, it can shrink if it hasn’t been pre-shrunk by the manufacturer.

When to Machine Wash Linen

If the care label clearly states that machine washing is OK, here’s our advice:

  • Wash in warm water on a short, gentle cycle
  • Separate colors before washing, as colors may bleed
  • Dry linen garments on a clothing rack or hanger
  • When ironing, use a high temperature with a spray mist or damp cloth
  • If linens have been treated with a wrinkle-resistant finish, use a lower setting on your iron

Dry Cleaning Linen

If your care instructions suggest dry cleaning your linen, Klinke Cleaners is here to help! If it’s a linen suit or two-piece outfit, be sure to drop off all items at the same time to avoid color discrepancies. And remember, dry cleaning is always a safe option — even if your linen is machine washable. 

Have additional questions about linen or other fabrics?
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