Crepe is an interesting fabric. It’s typically made of silk, wool or polyester, and is woven using a special technique that gives it a gauzy texture. Crepe can appear crimped, crinkled, puckered or pebbly — and can be quite smooth and soft, or stiff and coarse depending on the variety. Some crepe surfaces even resemble tree bark.

Due to its gauzy fiber composition, dry cleaning is typically the best way to clean crepe because it’s extremely susceptible to shrinkage when exposed to moisture. Even home stain removal on crepe can result in localized shrinkage.

If the care label states that it’s safe to wash a crepe garment, we suggest using cool water and rinsing thoroughly. To dry, extract remaining water gently and air dry. Never tumble dry your crepe garments! Once the crepe is dry, part of the finishing process typically requires “blocking” the fabric to get it back to its original shape.

The fact that crepe requires so much care is why so many of our customers simply bring their garments to us. Since we’re experts at dry cleaning a variety of delicate fabrics, you can count on your crepe garments to be returned to you fresh, clean and in perfect condition.

Whether the care label recommends dry cleaning, or you’d just prefer to have us take care of your crepe garments, you can drop them off at any of our convenient locations. As always, if you bring in your shirts and dry cleaning before 10am (Monday through Saturday), they’ll be ready by 4pm the same day!