Life is busy. That’s why Klinke Cleaners is constantly looking for ways to make things easier and more convenient for you. 

Here’s a list of 5 ways we can add convenience to your day:

Same Day Service
Bring in your order by 10am and it will be ready by 4pm.

Locations in Dane, Waukesha & Ozaukee Counties
Your trip to the drycleaners should be a short one. That’s why each Klinke Cleaners is strategically located throughout all three counties, ensuring there’s a location near to you.

Pick up your dry cleaning from the comfort of your car! This is especially convenient when it’s raining, snowing or just downright freezing — which never happens in Wisconsin, right? And if you have kids, there’s no need to get them out of the car to pick up your clothes. Check out all of Klinke Cleaners drive-thru locations.

On-site Production
Many Klinke Cleaners perform all work on the premises, which makes it easy for you to speak with the actual person who will be caring for your clothes.

FREE Express Service
With Klinke Cleaners Express Service, you receive a free bag so you can use our drop boxes to drop off your garments anytime — 24/7 — with no wait!

Other benefits include:

–       You can keep your credit card securely on file, so you’ll never have to wait to pickup your clothes

–       Free Frequent Cleaner Reward Points that can help you save 50% on dry cleaning

What’s your favorite Klinke Cleaners convenience?

Please let us know by commenting below, or by telling us in person during your next visit!