The holidays are here: party planning and holiday entertaining and home decorating are about to enter their peak season. If you walk the aisles of any major department store or big box store you’ll see Christmas taking over before the post-Halloween sales have even wrapped up. Wait, let’s not skip right over Thanksgiving!

No matter which holidays are your favorites – or your turn to host this season – this time of year inspires many of us to do a little extra cleaning and decorating and entertaining. Beyond ensuring your wardrobe is spruced up for the holidays, your neighborhood Klinke Cleaners can help get your home ready to shine during this season of merry and bright.

Here are four key ways we can help:

  • Be ready to set a festive table by bringing us your holiday tablecloths before and after use – they take a beating during the holidays.
  • Keep your family cozy and warm by making sure you have enough clean blankets and comforters for overnight guests (remember, we clean pillows too!)
  • Refresh rugs that are already starting to show heavy winter wear. Or, bring them to us for a good cleaning after a high-traffic holiday gathering – especially if they have been the victim of spilled food or drink.
  • Grab a gift card when you stop at Klinke Cleaners to cross anyone off your gift giving list who uses our services – save shopping time so you can move on to party prep or more fun festivities.

The holidays have a way of getting hectic as the to do list gets longer, the calendar fills up and company is on the way over. Remember, Klinke Cleaners is here to help keep your closet, and your home, in tiptop shape for the season. Happy Holidays!

(c) Can Stock Photo / Hbak