With the right combination of tried and true (think little black dress) and eye-catching accessories, you can make several outfit combinations to get you through the swinging social season to come. Here are three items you want to make sure you have professionally cleaned and ready to wear so you’re not caught in a pinch!

  • The perfect black dress. This piece is well deserving of its reputation as the most popular wardrobe staple of all time, and it is an absolute must to get you from the office to the office party. It works well with a sweater and pearls during the day; in the evening lose the sweater and trade the pearls for bling with a little more zing, such as rhinestones, to be party-ready.
  • A stunning scarf. Removing a suit jacket and adding a wrap or scarf instantly takes an outfit from corporate to casual… or, on the flip side, a great scarf can dress up drab daytime basics. Keep one or two nicely folded in your desk drawer or travel bag to be prepared for unexpected invitations or unplanned social stops.
  • A shirt that sparkles. If you don’t already have one, indulge in one shimmery, shiny party top that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Many styles look just as good with jeans and boots as they do with skirts and heels, giving you an abundance of options.

What are your favorite holiday staples? How do you use accessories to extend your wardrobe? We’d love to hear your ideas.