“Tis the season for spring flowers, and for graduation parties to start filling up your social calendar. If you’re a proud parent of a recent grad you probably want to preserve and protect your child’s graduation gown. Here’s the lowdown straight from the experts at Klinke Cleaners. 

Polyester Blend Materials

The average graduation robe is made of a polyester blend. This is a pretty versatile fabric and overall is very easy to care for. Machine washable, the material holds its shape well (that means it will wrinkle). Remove from the dryer immediately to avoid any unnecessary creases. Over time drying will cause shrinkage. It can be safely dry cleaned as well. 

Sashes, Tassles, Hats

These items are more sensitive and should be handled with care. These items should be dry cleaned to preserve their shape and colors. 

Storage of Graduation Robes

As with all long-term storage of clothing, make sure the container used is clean of mildew, spores, insect eggs or anything else that might grow to become a problem for your clothing. We suggest washing a plastic garment bag or bin in the dishwasher to be sure. Add some cedar or mothballs to keep pesky insects out. If possible, store in a cool, dry place. 

Doctorate Robes

Maybe you’re the graduate and you want to keep your advanced degree garments protected. Often, the doctoral graduate gowns are made of velvet. These items, hood, cordage, ribbon, and gown are all dry clean only. They can be stored in the same manner as other gowns, in a clean dry plastic container. 

Last thing – polyester knit items, if washed in a machine should be turned inside out to avoid snags! There you have it, everything you need to know about graduation gowns. Congratulations and have a great summer! 

Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / gstockstudio