Our extremely varied seasons in Wisconsin present a particular challenge when it comes to keeping our closets organized. For many of us, twice a year we need to move items in and out so weather-appropriate wear is front, center and easily accessible.

For those with school-age children, the task is multiplied – especially considering how fast they can wear out or outgrow clothes! Back-to-school time offers a natural opportunity to get little closets in tip-top shape. Follow these helpful hints from Klinke Cleaners as you pack away the shorts and t-shirts and get ready for a new school year:

  • Add organization. If you don’t already have them and your closet can accommodate them, purchasing a few inexpensive storage items for a great return on your investment. An overdoor hook rack can provide a convenient place for sweatshirts and light jackets; a shoe rack on the floor under hanging clothes can prevent a massive shoe pile-up; and cubbies or cubes make it easier to store and see extras such as towels and blankets.
  • Divide hanging clothes into sections. Help ensure your child can easily find items on hectic school mornings by sorting hanging clothes. Let your child help come up with a system that works for him or her – whether by color, size or style. For added fun, make a project out of creating dividers to mark the sections.
  • Set aside a space for tomorrow’s clothes. Picking out school clothes the night before can be a good strategy for kids who have aren’t at their best early in the morning. Designate a small basket or open spot on a shelf to leave out clothes for the next morning.
  • Don’t forget about the dirty clothes. A small hamper inside or outside of the closet is a great tool to help kids keep bedrooms clean and clothes off the floor.
  • Leave room for the fun stuff. Get your child more excited about keeping things in their appropriate spot by working in special spaces for toys, stuffed animals, sports gear and other favorite things.

From all of us here at Klinke Cleaners, we wish you a safe, fun and productive school year!

(c) Can Stock Photo / goce