With many schools resuming classes even before the Labor Day holiday, the dog days of August have become the prime time of the back-to-school frenzy. There are appointments to be made, clothes and shoes to purchase, and a long list of supplies to secure.

Before becoming overwhelmed with the growing back-to-school to do list, take a deep breath and take inventory, then prioritize. Spending time evaluating what you have versus what you need can save valuable shopping time and money in the home stretch before school starts. Consider the following:

  • Schedule a meeting with your kids. Even young kids can be recruited to help with a school supply strategy session. Mark a time on the calendar to download and print supply lists, then check for any leftover supplies from last year that are still usable.
  • Schedule a meeting with your kids, Part II. Find a specific time to tackle your kid’s closet to get rid of items that no longer fit so you can accurately evaluate and list out specific needs. At the same time, remember that our Zip n Stitch service can help give new life to items that have gone unworn due to holes, missing buttons or an imperfect fit.
  • Don’t forget about the gear. In addition to school supplies, check through backpacks, fall sports equipment, and lunch containers to determine what needs to be replaced. Purchasing as many items as possible in one big shopping session can save a good deal of time over running back and forth to stores on multiple occasions.
  • Add a community service element. Many schools, libraries or community centers hold school supply drives to help collect items for local children in need. As you refine your shopping list, consider adding a few extra items if you are able. Involving your kids in this effort and asking them to choose the additional supplies is a great way to involve them in a community service project that directly benefits their peers.

From all of us at Klinke Cleaners, your neighborhood dry cleaner, we wish you a safe and successful school year ahead!

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