One of the biggest complaints you hear about dry cleaners is that they discriminate and charge their female customers more than they charge males for the same article of clothing.  Klinke Cleaners wants our customers to understand the way that we structure our pricing.  We are committed to maintaining a fair price list and we do not charge women more for cleaning.  

All of the Klinke Cleaners locations use an industry standard of gender neutral pricing.

Most of men’s shirts are made exactly the same, and the dry cleaning industry has created equipment to more efficiently process these shirts. Women’s shirts are designed using darts, tucks, and other elements to hang differently on a female body.  These design elements create shirts that do not conform to industry standard equipment. Men’s dress shirts are often made of cotton and women’s shirts come in a variety of fabrics, such as silk or rayon. Women’s shirts also often feature accessories that can be damaged such as lace, sequins or beads which require special attention. Women’s shirts like this require extra care and are hand pressed, making the process more expensive.

At Klinke Cleaners, we have created a policy that when a woman’s shirt is styled similarly to a man’s dress shirt (cotton, collar, sleeves, cuffs, etc.), it is priced exactly the same as the male counterpart.  We hand press the woman’s shirt, which takes additional time and resources, but we are committed to maintaining a fair price structure to all of our customers.