Dry cleaning delicate fabrics, business suits and special occasion clothing is a no brainer, but at Klinke Cleaners we pride ourselves on keeping more than just your clothes in tip top shape. We offer an array of household cleaning services that help extend the life of items such as pillows, rugs and tablecloths, and also we can be a big help with getting all your gear cleaned and organized after a big summer vacation.

A few of the extra items we clean for customers include:

  • Sleeping bags and comforters: you could easily spend a whole day washing these large items at home, especially following a big camping trip when there is a lot of other unpacking and cleaning up to do. Let us do the work for you so you can spend your time on more important tasks.
  • Rugs: Rugs take a beating, especially in high-traffic areas of the home. Keep them looking fresh and clean with periodic trips to Klinke Cleaners. Rarely does vacuuming or shaking out get rugs truly clean, but we can.
  • Tablecloths: Especially if you’re entertaining outdoors or if your tablecloth has been the victim of a big party or a bad spill, we can remove stains and get your tablecloth ready for your next event – whether it’s a simple family dinner or an outdoor extravaganza.
  • Pillows: did you know we clean the stuffing, as well as replace the ticking, on pillows? If your pillows are worn and tired, we can help restore them so they feel like new!

We love hearing feedback from our customers when they pick up a pillow that looks like new or see how clean their favorite rug looks when it is freshly cleaned. Next time you’re loading up that Express Bag for a drop off, remember we love to help keep your household items looking their best, too.

(c) Can Stock Photo / 4774344sean