Summer is wedding season in the Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin region and this means you’re probably going to need some dry cleaning. Klinke Cleaners explains why dry cleaning is the best way to clean your expensive, formal clothing.

  • Protect your investment. Formal clothing isn’t inexpensive so you want it to last as long as possible. Dry cleaning uses fluids that remove dirt without shrinking, fading or wearing your clothing investment.
  • Like New. Many formal garments are made of synthetic fibers that don’t wash well at home but in a dry cleaning situation they respond well and many, if not all, stains can be removed.
  • Alterations. Did you know that Klinke Cleaners does alterations? If that suit or dress doesn’t quite fit, save yourself the expense of buying new clothes and have Klinke’s do the alterations.
  • Finishing. Our special pressing equipment will give your clothes that brand new appearance that is just too hard to recreate at home.
  • Delicate Fabrics. If your formal clothing is made of delicate fabrics like silk, especially ties, then dry cleaning is the only way to spruce up the garment and save the integrity of the material.
  • Preservation. If the special event is over and you want to save the garment as a family heirloom, Klinke Cleaners uses a special type of storage that will keep it safe for years and years.

No matter where you are in the Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin region, Klinke Cleaners has a location that will give your formal clothing the attention it needs before and after the big event.

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