Often, we hang on to things simply because we’re not sure the best way to dispose of a particular item. Sure, we can donate old clothes but what about harder to recycle items such as shoes and glasses? Here are 5 friendly ways to free your closet of clutter. As you read, also remember you can always bring your hangers and plastic garment bags back to Klinke Cleaners for recycling!

  • Shoes: Have you seen the green and white USAgain drop boxes around town?  Check here for locations around Madison and Milwaukee. Shoes deposited get shipped to Africa for reuse. Also, most Nike stores have receptacles to collect old athletic shoes.
  • Clothes: Be sure to go through kids’ winter items and support Klinke’s Koats for Kids collection drive through October 5. Goodwill and other donation centers are always a good choice but now there are more options than ever for recycling old clothes, particularly those pieces that are damaged or too worn out to be useful to someone else. Giant retailer H&M started a program that provides discounts to shoppers who bring in old clothes for recycling and some cities have even responded to demand by adding curbside textile pick up to regular recycling programs. 
  • Jewelry: If you have costume pieces that are broken or just past their prime, check with friends to see if you can find a crafty young lady who’d like your old jewelry.  Often, Girl Scout troops and other groups will also take items to use for craft projects. 
  • Handbags: Old purses can find new life doing a variety of household tasks. Hang them on a hook in your utility room for a more fashionable place to store plastic bags, flashlights or other frequently used items. Fill them with first aid supplies, tools, or other emergency items to keep in your car. Or, give them to a crafty kid for dress up or decoration. 
  • Eyeglasses: The lion is often called the king of the jungle, and the Lion’s Club is king when it comes to eyeglass recycling. Plastic or metal, sunglasses, whatever shape or size, the Lion’s Club gives new life to old glasses. Yours might help a child read, an adult succeed in his job or a senior maintain her independence. Learn more here.