Dad fashion. Yep, it’s actually a thing. For the past few years an emerging trend has incorporated classic dad looks – sneakers, collared shirts and crew neck sweaters – into what’s hot in high fashion.

But likely your favorite guy is less interested in what’s happening on the runway than what’s going on right here in his own backyard. In celebration of Father’s Day this June, Klinke Cleaners brings you our Top Ten list for things that might make dad happy this month. You’re welcome!

  1. To get the initial ideas flowing, check out the comprehensive round up of this year’s best Father’s Day gifts from USA Today.
  2. Dads are often known as grill masters, and grill-themed attire and accessories are among the most popular Father’s Day gifts out there. A personalized apron, a new set of grill tools, or a selection of unique sauces and marinades all make great gifts.
  3. Give the gift of time. If your husband/dad is fashion challenged, offer to spend the day helping him clean out his closet and getting re-organized.
  4. Take him out to the ballgame. There’s not much better on a sunny summer day than quality family time watching America’s pastime.
  5. Pass something down through the generations. Watches, cuff links, leather jackets and other vintage items become even more special when shared.
  6. Gadgets always make great gifts. If you’re buying for a man who’s trying to stay fit, check out the latest and greatest fitness trackers. Weather stations are perfect for outdoor adventurers. Music fans might like new wireless headphones.
  7. What’s dad’s favorite subscription service? Pick up the tab for his satellite radio, TV streaming service or online news subscription for the year.
  8. It’s not just clothes that make the man. In recent years more and more skin and hair care products have hit the market that are designed especially for your best guy.
  9. Whether he’s a coffee drinker or a beer fan, there are many reusable mugs and just to help keep his favorite beverages hot or cold.
  10. Last but certainly not least … help dad look his best with a Klinke Cleaners gift card! Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like helping dad to be a sharp dressed man.

(c) Can Stock Photo / Kzenon