Are you dressing for success? Klinke Cleaners has some fashion tips for the professional man to help him get ahead in business.

All of the Klinke Cleaners locations, in both Madison and Milwaukee, see a lot of men’s professional clothing come in and out of our stores on a regular basis and we’ve not only noticed some trends in men’s fashion, but we’re on top of the professional clothing scene and know how a successful businessman dresses. 

  •          Fit Matters. Don’t try to fit into clothes that aren’t your size, it doesn’t look professional. Even if you’ve trimmed up and feel pretty good in your old (now baggy) clothing. On the positive side, Klinke Cleaners offers alterations.
  •          Good Shoes. Shoes do make the man, they’re an essential part of your work clothing, some consider them the foundation. Never think of your shoe choice as irrelevant and something people won’t notice.
  •          Simple Staples. Spend money on the simple, staple items that never go out of style; a white shirt, a solid red tie, a navy suit. These are clothing investments that pay off throughout your career.
  •          Dress for the Future. If you want to move out of a junior position to an executive position, make sure you look the part. When it comes time for a promotion, it’s easier for people hiring to picture you in the role if you already dress the part.
  •          Pay Attention. Look at how people who have a similar job or who have the job you want dress. Pay attention to what they’re wearing and compare it to your own wardrobe. This is a great way to gauge trends or to fit in with similar professionals in your region.

On top of these men’s professional fashion tips, Klinke Cleaners wants to stress to you how important it is that your clothing be clean and neatly pressed. A stain on your clothing can give an immediate bad impression to people around you.  A shirt pulled from a clothing hamper, loaded with wrinkles sends an even worse message.

Look your best and dress for success with these business fashion tips from Klinke Cleaners.