Much like spring-cleaning, fall cleaning can be therapeutic and help you get through the doldrums and somewhat inevitable cabin fever that comes with long winters. Here’s a quick list of things to do around the house as the temperature drops outside.

Bring Winter Linens Out of Storage

You’re going to need them, so get them out of storage, clear of mothballs and aired out. If you’ve got the time, put them on air-dry with a fabric softener to decrease static and freshen them up.


Do it now! While you can still open the windows to facilitate an air exchange, get that dust in the air. Use dryer sheets to reduce static cling and extend the time needed between dustings.

Vacuum Upholstery

All fabric absorbs hair, dust, lint and dander. By vacuuming furniture upholstery weekly, you increase their longevity and durability. Allergens are kept to a minimum and your home won’t collect that stale air smell.

Winterize Your Garden

This is a very important for your garden’s health next spring. First, clean up! Do a quick weeding and remove debris. Cover all planters and containers to keep falling leaves and snow out of them. Clean any terracotta pots. Finally rake up the leaves and get them off the lawn.

Screens to Storm Windows

Important to keeping your home warm and reducing energy bills, putting on storm windows should happen before the first freeze. This will protect your home from temperature drops and keep drafts to a minimum.

Winter Clothes from Storage

Just like winter linens, you’ll need to get cold weather clothing out of storage, freshened up and ready for use. Following the steps for linens will work fine.

Clean Chimney

This is an important one for anyone with a fireplace. If you’re planning on using it for heating or for a family gathering, make sure the chimney is regularly serviced. A dirty or obstructed chimney can cause dangerous gas build and, of course, fires!

Pantry Checks
Take some time to run through your pantry and toss out anything expired. Also, make a list of staples and resupply next time you’re at the grocery store. This will save you a cold and potentially dangerous trip during a winter storm!

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