We’ve all seen the quintessential stain removal commercials that show the glass of red wine spilling onto the white couch, or the cute little pet destroying a fresh, clean carpet. Stains are a pain, to be sure. Fortunately, Klinke Cleaner’s dry cleaning services can usually successfully treat even tough stains on delicate fabrics. But let’s be honest: as much as we love to see our valued customers, we’d prefer it not be under major stained circumstances!

Instead of doing damage control after the fact, we recommend using extreme care with the liquids and sprays that can ruin fabrics to avoid those tough stains in the first place. Here’s a list of fabrics’ biggest enemies to watch out for:

  • Essential oils, cooking oils or virtually any kind of oil: Oil truly is public enemy number one when it comes to fabrics. Wear an apron when cooking and keep those lovely, relaxing essential oils far from your clothing.
  • Perfumes: Because most perfumes contain oil and alcohol, even a fine mist can stain or ruin delicate fabrics. If you use perfume, simply spray before you dress.
  • Lotions: As with perfume, lotion is best applied right after a shower. Wait a few minutes before dressing to let it fully absorb.
  • Deodorants and anti-perspirants: By definition, these items are trickier to keep away from clothes. Also, some anti-perspirants use aluminum-based compounds to block sweat from escaping your sweat glands. When these active ingredients bond with your sweat, they’re prone to stain clothing. Look for products that are aluminum free, and regularly dry cleaning more delicate or frequently worn items to help prevent underarm stains from building up.
  • Coffee, tea and wine. Red wine got that bad stain reputation for a reason, and coffee & tea aren’t much better. When these stains strike, we can help. As a reminder we also clean pillows, blankets, slipcovers and other household items that are frequent victims of food & drink spills.

Often at-home stain removal efforts can compound the problem, especially with fine fabrics. Bring your toughest stains to your neighborhood Klinke Cleaners and let us handle the hard work for you!

(c) Can Stock Photo / YakobchukOlena