If you use our free Express Service, you are using the fastest, most convenient dry cleaning service in Wisconsin. Dropping off an Express Bag is as simple as handing us the bag in the store, through the drive-thru window or using our 24/7 Express Drop Box. But what happens when you want to give our store some feedback or you have some custom cleaning instructions for a particular garment? We now have a comment card on our website for the occassion when you are in a hurry but need to communicate with us about your garment care or our services. Simply visit klinkecleaners.com/express to print the card.

What if the garment care request is something you want us to do every time you drop off your cleaning? You don’t want to fill out a comment card every time you drop off your Express Bag, right? To address this, we’ve added a checkbox to the comment card that will alert us to save this request into your account so you don’t have to ask for it again. 

We hope you find this small addition to our signature service a useful feature. We are always looking for ways to make our service more convenient for you.