In the 1970s Whisk! had a commercial about that dreaded “ring around the collar” that tends to happen around this time of the year when it gets a little too hot to comfortably wear a dress shirt and a tie. And while Whisk! and some other commercial cleaning products may help you remove sweat stains from your clothing; they’re just not capable of providing a thorough cleaning like we can at Klinke Cleaners. Commercial detergents can also easily damage garments that were designed to be dry cleaned only.

Residents in the Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin area have been feeling the heat lately and your clothing may be suffering from ring around the collar and other unsightly sweat stains. If your clothing is machine safe, Reader’s Digest recommends gently rubbing the area with undiluted vinegar before machine washing your clothing. Although this is an inexpensive home remedy, it is not the optimal solution for this type of stain.

Klinke Cleaners has been handling that nefarious ring around the collar long before that Whisk! commercial of the 1970s and knows a thing or two about sweat stains. Home washing is only good for removing water-soluble stains, whereas dry-cleaning can remove the grease left behind by moisturizers, make-up, shaving cream, etc.

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