If you’re lucky to have a more casual workplace in summer, the return of autumn and cooler temperatures might mean more suits will be coming out of the closet. Whether they need to be cleaned before they are worn or not, keep in mind it is always best to clean two-piece garments together. 

We believe our EarthSmart Systems process – our commitment to using the most advanced environmental practices and technologies without sacrificing convenience, quality or customer service – to be the best available. Still, sending out items separately can eventually cause a disparity in the fabric. If one item is cleaned more frequently than its mate, it can become lighter in color (as any fabric would in a regular washing machine). 

In general, to get the best life and quality out of your suit, ask yourself whether it really needs to be dry cleaned before bringing it in. In many cases a suit can be worn several times and cleaned in between with a clothing brush to remove dust, dirt or lint. 

Do you have to wear a suit to work? We’d like to hear about your dress code and any feedback or suggestions you have for how Klinke Cleaners can help you keep looking your best on the job!