Neckties are one garment that you shouldn’t wash regularly as washing can ruin the fabric, the finish and the dyes. Dry cleaning is the recommended method for treating most neckties. 

Neckties don’t typically need a lot of attention. They don’t lie next to the skin and rarely collect odors like some garments so cleaning a necktie isn’t necessarily a regular requirement. But neckties are positioned perfectly to catch food and beverage spills and often fall victim to a business lunch accident. While you can try washing your necktie at home, there are several reasons why you should just swing by your local Klinke Cleaners on the way home and have that tie dry cleaned before the stain can set any further.

One big reason to avoid washing neckties yourself is that they are cut on the bias, which means they are cut diagonally across the weave of the fabric. This gives them their great appearance and the ability to knot nicely, but the bias cut makes a tie more vulnerable to stretching and puckering. 

Also, the finish on neckties is designed to protect the fabric and the dyes used to give them their vibrant colors can be affected by water, so home cleaning may do more damage than good. Neckties stand a much better chance of retaining their shape and appearance when dry cleaned.