We’re always looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout the year, and during the holidays – when time and money are typically at a premium – who couldn’t use a little help saving both of these precious resources? In addition, ‘tis the season for socializing. Days at the office can turn into nights on the town without much time for transition.

The good news? Most of us already have classic staples in our closet that can be repurposed, dressed up or dressed down as the social calendar dictates. As you think ahead to your holiday comings and goings, consider these tips from Klinke Cleaners on how to dress up your best basics so your wardrobe can pull double duty this holiday season:

The little black dress. Long famous for its versatility and timelessness, a classic black dress is one of your closet’s most easily adaptable pieces. At the office, it works well with a smart sweater or jacket. Yet it can be made party-ready in a snap. Best items to add:

  • A festive wrap.
  • Bold, sparkly jewelry.
  • Tall boots.

Classic denim. Is there anything denim can’t do? By day, the perfect jeans are a comfy and cozy favorite – especially since many are now made in extra soft and stretchy fabrics. But denim also transitions well into evening with a little help. Best items to add:

  • A shimmery blouse.
  • Chunky heels.
  • A sleek jacket.

The perfect t-shirt or turtleneck. Remember when Sharon Stone caused a stir by wearing a Gap turtleneck to the Academy Awards? Even the simplest items come to life with the right accessories. Best items to add:

  • A vintage pin.
  • A sassy hat.
  • A jewel-toned scarf.

We’d love to hear how you plan to make the most of your wardrobe this holiday season. What are your favorite festive accessories? How do you plan for busy days, extra obligations and unexpected get-togethers? No matter whether your holidays are shaping up to be low-key or high-gear, Klinke Cleaners, Your Neighborhood Dry Cleaner, is here to help you save time and look your best. Happy Holidays!

(c) Can Stock Photo / pressmaster