Despite the warmer November we’ve been having, it is still advised to go through your winter clothing and preparing for the colder weather and snow. Unpacking the winter clothing can be fun – sometimes you forget about all the great outfits and fall clothing you have. Here’s a quick guide to getting your winter wear back into rotation and ready to go!
Freshen up!
If you didn’t store you clothing with cedar chips (smells great!) or mothballs (sometimes not so great!) your clothing might have a scent you need to get rid of before use. The best way to get rid of the stale, musty smell is to prevent it. But if it happens, then there are a few things you can do.
Natural Remedies
Storing your clothing with cedar chips is the best way to prevent the mustiness from accumulating. But you can’t always prevent mustiness. Rather than use chemicals, which might be harsh on the skin or cause an allergic reaction, some people like to use all-natural remedies. In this case, the best remedy for mustiness would be steam followed by fresh air.
Yes, brushing. Brushing can remove hair, lint, dirt, oils, pet dander, pollen and other particles. While the clothes did go into storage clean, a quick once over with a brush never hurts.
Fresh Air
Hanging your stored clothing in a fall breeze is a safe, chemical-free way to literally, air them out. No need to make it complicated!
Professional Care Recommended
Although there are other no-cost options such as those recommended above, your best bet for garment care is to take your sweaters to a trusted, professional dry cleaner. They have the equipment, cleaning agents and knowledge to help preserve your sweaters for a longer life and can revive them so you are ready for cold weather whenever it decides to show up.

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