Klinke Cleaners uses DF-2000, an alternative dry cleaning solvent that is better for the environment, your clothing and it leaves no odor behind. Klinke Cleaners is concerned about the environment and working to make a difference.

At Klinke Cleaners we are aware of some of our customers concerns about the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process and their effect on the environment. That is why we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to provide you a green dry cleaning solution that is extremely effective. Rather than using traditional dry cleaning solvents we use DF-2000, a synthetic hydrocarbon solvent that is more environmentally friendly and it’s gentler on your clothing so your garments will last longer and need to be replaced less frequently.  

DF-2000 has proven itself to be better than many of the alternative solutions on the market and its cleaning properties are comparable with PERC, yet it’s more ecologically sound. The features of DF-2000 that makes it our choice are:

  •        Good on sensitive fabrics and trim
  •        Removes oil and grease (solvent soluble soil)
  •        Removes pigment soil (insoluble soil)
  •        Virtually odorless
  •        Restores body to garments 

We have found this dry cleaning alternative to be very reliable and we believe our customers are equally happy with not only the quality cleaning we provide, but our environmental initiatives. 

If you’d like to do your part to help the environment, stop in at any local Klinke Cleaners to drop off your excess drycleaning bags and hangers for recycling. Klinke’s cares!