At Klinke Cleaners, we hear some of the same questions asked over and over. What is the difference between dry cleaning and laundering, can you leave your clothing in the plastic bag and more. 

Klinke Cleaners wants to take the mystery out of dry cleaning and answer the questions we hear most frequently. If you have any specific questions or ones that we haven’t answered here, feel free to visit with one of our dry cleaning experts at any of the Klinke Cleaner locations

Q: What’s the difference between dry cleaning and laundering?

A:  Laundering is also often called wet cleaning and is much like the cleaning you’d do at home in your washer and dryer. Dry cleaning uses specialized solvents and a machine that washes and dries clothes in one cycle. 

Q: Can I store my clothes in the plastic dry cleaning bag?

A: The plastic bags you get from your Klinke Cleaners are for protecting your clothes while transporting them, not storing them. We do recycle the bags, so feel free to stop in and drop off your old bags.

Q: How do I make sure stains come out of my clothing when I have them dry cleaned. 

A: Not every stain can be erased but you stand a better chance of removing them if you remember what it was that caused the stain and then tell your dry cleaner. Different types of stains require different cleaning solutions.

Q:  Can I dry clean some household items like blankets, curtains and couch cushion covers? 

A:  Yes! Klinke Cleaners handles a lot of different household items.  We will dry clean all of the items listed above and more. 

Q: Is it safe to have leather and suede dry cleaned? 

A:  Cleaning suedes & leathers requires a specialized cleaning process so we send them to Leather Rich.

We hope we’ve answered some of your dry cleaning questions, please feel free to contact us if you have a question that we haven’t answered.