By this time in the summer your outdoor furniture may be suffering a little bit from the elements. Klinke Cleaners has some quick tips to help you clean your outdoor furniture and upholstery to keep it looking great for the rest of the season. 

We’re more than halfway through another Wisconsin summer and your outdoor furniture might be starting to lose its luster. Klinke Cleaners has come up with a few tips to help you restore that great, fresh look to your patio furniture so you can keep using it the rest of the season and not feel bad that you have to ask a guest to sit on a bird dropping stained cushion. 

Canvas Upholstery – Most canvas upholstery is machine washable. If it is removable you can simply toss it in your wash machine, but you need to put it back in place while still damp so it retains its shape. Or you can skip drying in a machine altogether to avoid any shrinkage. If it’s not removable, you can scrub it with laundry soap, water and a scrub brush. 

White Plastic – Did you know that bleaching your white plastic can restore that crisp white look it had initially? An easy way to do this is to use water with dishwasher detergent that already has bleach or add bleach to regular dish soap and water and scrub away. 

Colored Plastic – Similarly, you don’t want to bleach your colored plastic so stick to an all purpose cleaner and a scrub brush.

Painted Metal – Painted metal surfaces can scratch pretty easily so skip the scrub brush and opt for a sponge and a whole lot of elbow grease. 

Umbrella Fabric and Awnings – Typically this fabric will respond to a little laundry detergent, water and scrubbing. Make sure you’re not using soap with bleach or use one with color safe bleach. Avoid using heat to wash or dry to prevent shrinking. 

Flags – Keeping an American flag clean is our honor. All Klinke Cleaners locations offer free dry cleaning for residental American flags that measure 4×6’ or smaller. We are proud to offer this service and want to help you display your American flag in the best condition possible. 

Once you’ve restored that fresh beauty to your outdoor furniture, it’s time to have another backyard party and celebrate. Enjoy the rest of the summer