The New Year is upon us again and people are making resolutions—at Klinke Cleaners, we’re resolving to keep things neat and organized. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help keep things going smoothly.
Rotate Your Seasonal Wardrobe
We’ve talked about this before, but it’s important for organization and long term care of your clothing. By properly storing your summer or winter wardrobe, those clothes will be protected in the off-season and ready to go when you need them.

Proper storage is important (check out this previous blog post for details). Making sure you have your winter clothing stored in a clean, dry location is key. Sending your coats, sweaters, etc., to the cleaners before putting them in storage is a great idea. That way you’ll be all set when you need them.

The simple fact is few of us have the storage space for all of our seasonal wardrobe items. Winter gear—hats, scarves, mittens—often end up in coat pockets or in a basket by the door. Swapping out your spring coats and putting them in storage for the winter, or winter coats for the spring and summer, will free up vast amounts of space. This will make it easier to de-clutter your home. This is an important step in the Keep It Clean in 2016 resolution.

Mudroom or Foyer?
It doesn’t matter what you call it—as long as you use it! The mudroom isn’t for boxes storing lawn chairs—it’s for keeping all those excess coats, jackets, mittens, boots and all the rest from cluttering up your inside closets. So use it!

Dry Cleaning
No matter how fastidious you are, winter is messy. Mud, slush and salt can take a toll on your winter wardrobe. Be sure to send your coats in to be dry-cleaned at least once a season. Removing excess salt from garments can prolong their lifespan and keep that salt from mixing in with your other laundry items.
You’ll find that you have many tools at your disposal to help you stay focused on your resolution to Keep It Clean in 2016!


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