Going back to school for college students can be fraught with all sorts of worries about what to wear. In the past dressing for school was dressing for your peers, in college you’re dressing for your future. Klinke Cleaners has some tips to help you dress for success. 

Switching from a high school student to a college student is a big adjustment and can be a difficult transition, but it’s all worth it in the end when you get the job of your dreams. But getting that job isn’t necessarily all tied to your classroom performance. You can expect that your professors and business professionals you come in contact with will also be evaluating your attitude, your enthusiasm, your professionalism and other qualities that will make you a great job candidate. One of the things they’ll be evaluating is your appearance. This isn’t to say you need to wear suits to school, but Klinke Cleaners does have some tips that will help you put your best foot forward in school. 

Don’t be too trendy. Try to stick to a personal or a classic style of dress, changing your look every week is going to make you look indecisive and a bit too concerned with what the celebs are doing.

Keep it clean. Wear clothing that is clean and cared for, this shows that you’re concerned with your appearance and how others perceive you. 

Dress for your profession. If you’re going to be a clothing designer, you’re probably going to dress differently than someone who wants to be an accountant. That’s okay as the standards are different for each profession, but keep this in mind when you select your wardrobe. 

Begin compiling a professional wardrobe. Work clothing can be expensive so it’s best to start collecting pieces that you’ll use in the future while you’re still in school. This way you won’t go broke buying clothes after you graduate and you get to wear some of these great pieces in school. 

Remember that a clean, well fitting, outfit that is in good condition really is important at your job interviews. All of the Klinke Cleaners locations are available to help you look your best.