While it’s wonderful to welcome Spring, the water spots and stains on our clothing are something we would probably rather live without. Klinke Cleaners has some tips to help you remove water stains from your fabrics. 

Water stains are pretty common in the Spring in Wisconsin when the heavens open up and everything gets a pretty thorough soaking. Unfortunately, that often means our clothing and shoes absorb some water as well. We’ve come up with some helpful tips for removing water stains and keeping your fabrics looking their best longer. 

The first thing to understand is that most water stains aren’t really a water stain, but rather the finishing or sizing used in your garment has been dislodged from its position by the water. For a quick fix you can try dampening the entire area and allowing it to dry. This does work in some situations, but be forewarned that this method can just make the stain bigger and push the borders outward. Steam from a boiling kettle in the general region may also “lift” the stain. If the garment can be ironed, pressing it while it’s still damp may help remove the stain and stop spreading the sizing.

If the stain is on a dry clean only garment, your best bet is to try a bit of steam. If that doesn’t work, bring it in to a Klinke Cleaners and make sure you point out the stain and explain what caused it to get the best results. 

If your stain is laced with a bit of mud you’ve got a much bigger problem than just a water stain. Mud is dirt and water. If dirt is rubbed into a garment, it can destroy the fabric and become near impossible to remove. If the fabric can be cleaned at home, try blotting (NOT rubbing) the stain until you remove the dirt. You may want to try a pretreating agent made especially for dirt before washing it. If you’re going to take that garment to a Klinke location for professional care, once again, make sure you inform the attendant there of the stain so we know how to properly treat it.