Prepare for the Fourth of July from Middleton, WI to Mequon, WI by having your American Flag cleaned, at no charge! Klinke Cleaners is proud to offer this service for 4×6’ or smaller residential American flags.

Klinke Cleaners is proud to help you care for and display your American flag in the best condition possible. We will clean any residential American flag that is 4×6’ or smaller at no charge, year round.

Find your local Klinke Cleaners in:

Mequon, Wisconsin

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Middleton, Wisconsin

Delafield, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Verona, Wisconsin

Stoughton, Wisconsin

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Did you know that most outdoor flags will last longer if they’re washed or dry cleaned frequently? Dirt, salt and air pollutants can accumulate on your flag and will reduce its lifespan if left to fester between the fibers and wear them away as the flag waves in the wind.

In addition to cleaning your American flag frequently, you should visually inspect it for any small tears, holes or rips in the fabric. By repairing damage like this when it is still small and manageable, you can also extend the life of your flag considerably.

The Flag Code was established on June 22, 1942, signed by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and was enacted by Congress on December 22, 1942. Check the official American Flag Code if you want to make sure you’re displaying your flag correctly or just interested in the standards established for proper care, handling and disposal of American flags.