Tis the season when Wisconsinites want to travel somewhere warm to escape the cold. Klinke Cleaners has some travel tips that will help you avoid wrinkled clothing on your trips. 

A suitcase crammed full of wrinkled clothing may give you something to wear no matter what you do on vacation, but wearing wrinkled garments never made anyone feel good. Klinke Cleaners has come up with our five favorite tips for avoiding wrinkles when traveling that may add a bit more sunshine to your travel plans this winter.

Less Stuff. As we hinted above, a suitcase crammed with clothing and other items just doesn’t fare as well as one that is less stressed. Try to cull the amount of items you bring on a trip and only bring what you need.

Roll Your Clothes. Have you ever tried rolling rather than folding your clothing? Folding naturally creates wrinkles or creases where rolling does not AND rolling can be a great space saver. This isn’t the best solution for every article of clothing but it’s great for pants and t-shirts.

Stack to Stand. Your suitcase will spend quite a bit of time in an upright position during your travels, so you want to consider this when loading it. Your shoes, toiletries and other heavy items should go in the end of your bag that is the bottom when standing. This trick helps you avoid crushing wrinkles.

Fill in Gaps. If you have gaps in your suitcase your clothing can slide around and bunch up. First fill the gaps with shoes and other larger, not heavy items. Then add some of those clothing items you ditched when you were following tip number one 

Save Your Dry Cleaning Bags. By packing clothing in dry cleaning bags (or other plastic bags) you are eliminating or reducing friction which can cause wrinkles.

Klinke Cleaners hopes these 5 tips to avoid wrinkles when traveling help you arrive at your destination looking and feeling your best. Happy Travels!