Whether you’re just starting out in the business world or you’re a seasoned veteran, sometimes you have to put yourself out there to get noticed. Klinke Cleaners has come up with a list of ways to get the right kind of exposure at work. 

If you’re new at a job you know that standing out and making a good impression is vital. If you’ve been with a company for a while and are starting to feel like you’re being overlooked, it’s time to rework that impression. The following tips are designed to help you increase your visibility at work and garner praise and potential advancement opportunities. 

Practice your small talk. Mastering small talk is a bit of an art form, but those that can do it can go far. Learn to ask people the right questions about their lives and work that make them feel good. Then find a way to slip in a little information about what projects you’re attached to so they can make a mental connection. 

Get involved. Company events may not be your cup of tea but those people who are active tend to get noticed. These people show great initiative and constantly let others know that they’re a team player. Senior staff will notice and be impressed. 

Become an expert in your field. You may not be the senior in your department, but you still have valuable information, skills and knowledge to share. Write articles, blogs, volunteer for lectures, contact local news organizations and offer to give information when they need it. But just be careful, you never want to step on toes or disclose proprietary company information. 

Get active in professional organizations. Continuing your education and connection to other professionals is always seen in a favorable light by your superiors. Be involved and let the world know you love what you do and are dedicated to the field. 

Always look your best. Never show up with wrinkled or ill fitting clothing. Keep an extra shirt, blouse, tie or scarf in the office just in case you spill at lunch or during your coffee break. A good appearance says a lot, a sloppy appearance tells people you really don’t care. Check with any of our Klinke Cleaners locations to help you remove stains and tailor clothing. 

Get noticed at your job for all the right reasons and you may begin to see some opportunities open up and your future will develop more promise.