It’s football season again and you’re bound to host or attend a few parties and where there’s a party, there’s almost always a spill. Klinke Cleaners has collected some of our best stain cleaning tips to help you make it through football season.

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Red wine stains can be particularly nasty, especially if it’s on the furniture. The faster you react to a red wine stain the better. Begin blotting right away to collect any of the red wine that hasn’t soaked in. Then pour some white wine or club soda on the stain and begin blotting with a clean towel. If possible, use a white towel as the dye from other towels may transfer and damage the fabric even further.

Dirt and Mud Stains

When winter hits Wisconsin you’re going to have party guests tracking in snow, dirt, salt and other grime from outside. If that slush gets tracked onto your carpet you can remove it by blotting up the excess, don’t rub as the dirt can damage the fibers. Then vacuum the area to try to remove dirt and any salt that remains. Finally, add a dollop of shaving cream and clean with a white towel.

Barbecue Sauce Stains

Barbecue sauce and other dipping sauces are really popular at football parties, and the more excitement there is, the more likely you are to wind up with a BBQ stain. There are a lot of different ingredients in sauces that can make the stains particularly stubborn. Remove as much of the sauce as possible without rubbing it into the fibers. If the stain is on a cloth that you can take to a sink, run ice cold water on the stain from the inside out, pushing the stain outward. Then use a mild detergent and scrub under running water. For stains on furniture or the carpet, use vinegar to break up the stain and blot dry with a cloth.

Grease Stains

Football parties demand greasy foods, which is great until you notice the resultant grease stains. Have you seen the commercials where dish detergent claims to repel grease and oil from your dishes? Well, it can have the same effect on clothing. Use this type of dish soap on the stain and wash thoroughly. Use vinegar to rinse the area and repeat as often as necessary.

Unknown Stains

Sometimes you just don’t know where a stain came from and what caused it. In these circumstances it’s best to begin with a very gentle cleaning solution or simply blotting with a damp cloth. If the stain is stubborn, you might want to look on somewhere like for a homemade cleaning solution. Hopefully the stain will come out somewhere along that spectrum.

If you have a stain on your clothing, make sure you note what caused the stain and bring it to one of our Klinke Cleaners locations.  We can do a better job on stains when we know what caused them.