Create a great impression and wow people by always looking your very best with these 5 tips from Klinke Cleaners. Looking your best doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. 

We’ve all heard the adage, never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, it’s something each of us is guilty of at some point in our lives. If you want to always be taken at your best you’ll have to make the effort to look your best. Fortunately, that’s not too difficult. Our Klinke Cleaners in Middleton, WI has come up with their top 5 tips for always looking your best.

1 Good Posture

The way you carry yourself says a lot about who you are. Someone that is slumped over and shuffling about seems to be depressed or lazy whereas someone who is upright and aware of the world around them seems engaged and alert. 

2 Wear Clothing That Fits

Clothing that is too small, too tight or too large leads people to believe that you don’t really care about your appearance which then makes them wonder what you do care about. Well-fitting clothes add an extra touch of panache to your overall impression.

3 Learn What Colors to Wear

Some basic knowledge of color, emotional reactions to color and what looks best on you will help you tailor your wardrobe so you’re always selecting a flattering hue. And remember, some colors carry emotional impact, such as the color red being seen as powerful and turquoise giving a relaxed feeling. These are also important considerations when selecting color. 

4 Clean and Wrinkle Free

Always wear clean clothing that is wrinkle free. If it looks like you slept in your clothing the night before, people may actually assume that’s what you did. Make sure your clothing is clean and well pressed or at least wrinkle free.

5 Be Careful with Trends

Staying on top of the trends may be important for you or the industry you work in, but being too trendy can be a hard image to carry off and being off trend can look even worse. The best idea is to stick to a classic look with a trendy accessory or haircut which can easily be changed when the trends change.

Klinke Cleaners knows it’s important to look your best at all times because you just never know who you’re going to run into. We hope these tips help you feel secure and confident in your appearance.