Choosing the right clothes to wear to a job interview can be unnerving. Meeting a potential employer for the first (or second) time can entail all the awkwardness of a first date, with the added pressure of a career opportunity that’s hanging in the balance. And as we all know, first impressions are all-important —what you’re wearing says things about you to your interviewer that could sway their opinion in an important way.

Because every applicant and company are different, there are never going to be any completely unbreakable rules for job interview attire. Still, these five tips apply to virtually any setting in which you want to catch an employer’s attention in the right way…

#1 Dress Up for the Occasion

A good rule of thumb for a job interview is to dress one or two “levels” above what you would expect to wear if you actually got the position. For instance, if the office dress code is business casual, you might want to wear a suit with a jacket. Doing so shows that you’re serious about the opportunity, and that you consider yourself to be a professional.

#2 Be Slightly Conservative

It’s usually a good idea, in a job interview setting, to be slightly conservative when choosing your outfit. Anything that’s too tight, aggressive, or fashion-forward might distract an interviewer or make you seem like you don’t understand good business taste. You don’t have to look like everyone else, but be careful about pushing the limits of what’s appropriate in an office.

#3 Wear Something With Personal Meaning

One way you should accentuate yourself is with a pin, tie, or piece of jewelry that has special meaning to you. If it can show off some of your best qualifications, that’s even better. If you have something that signifies a professional membership or personal achievement, for example, consider wearing it to the interview if it isn’t too conspicuous. Your interviewer might ask about it, which can give you a chance to talk about your passion or accomplishment.

#4 Make the Most of Your Clothing (Cleaning)

Since you want to show up in a job interview looking your best, it only makes sense to have your clothing be as clean and crisp as possible. Even the best outfit won’t look great if it hasn’t been properly cleaned, and older clothes can look almost new again when they have been freshly pressed. Visit your local Klinke location in Wisconsin to make sure your interview suit is ready for the occasion.

#5 Choose Something That Makes You Feel Confident

Probably the most important rule of dressing for a job interview is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. As important as your outfit is, you are still the star of the show. The better you feel, the more relaxed and outstanding you will be, so dress with the mindset that you’re going to be great.

Choose the right clothes for your job interview and you can build up your confidence and make a positive impression before you’ve ever said a word about your resume. Never underestimate the power of looking and feeling like a professional, especially when your next job or promotion is on the line!

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