In our last blog post, we focused on ways to help keep our planet healthy without leaving the house. Today, we have five suggestions on how to care for the earth when we’re out and about. From animal-friendly ice melt, to using your cruise control, these easy tips can go a long way in helping the environment. Be sure to check out our bonus tips, too!

1. Use Animal-friendly Ice Melt
We live in Wisconsin, which means it’s inevitable that we’ll be getting a bit of snow and ice this winter. If you’re like most Wisconsin residents, you probably throw down some ice melt, as necessary, to keep steps and sidewalks clear and safe. Before you buy ice melt for the upcoming season, take note that many of these products may pose a hazard for pets and animals if ingested. Rock salt and salt-based ice-melting products can cause health problems as well as contaminate wells and drinking water. An alternative is pet-safe ice melt, readily available in many stores.

2. Use Your Vehicle’s Cruise Control

Did you know your cruise control is eco-friendly? It can help you get up to 15% better mileage. With the price of gas these days, this tip is also wallet-friendly! 

3. Buy Locally
A high amount of pollution is created from the transportation of food from the farm to your table. Buying from local farmers or farmers’ markets not only supports your local economy, it also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas created because products do not need to be flown or trucked in. Plus, locally grown food is typically fresher, so it tastes better and is better for you. 

4. Like Coffee? Bring Your Own Cup
In addition to steaming shirts, most of us at Klinke Cleaners like a cup of steaming hot coffee (or two) each day. The problem is, disposable cups used in coffee shops cause a large amount of waste. If we all drank our coffee from reusable cups, we would cut down on the amount of disposable cups used in America considerably. This eco-friendly option also keeps your coffee hotter longer, and many coffee shops offer a discount to patrons that bring their own cup! We suggest choosing a reusable cup that has a design on it that inspires you or makes you happy. 

5. A Gentler Kind of Lawn Care

Refrain from watering your lawn if at all possible. If you must water your grass, do it early in the morning before any moisture is lost to evaporation. When it comes to weeds, leave toxic pesticides on the shelf and spot treat weeds with vinegar instead. Before you rake, remember that normal clippings act as a natural fertilizer, and decompose rather quickly — so you can leave them be. If you must rake (for instance if your mulch is just too long), do it by hand. It’s good exercise for you, and better for the environment. 


Bring Your Automobile to the Car Wash
Getting your car professionally cleaned at a car wash can save a considerable amount of water. If everyone in America who hand washes their car, brought their vehicle just once to the car wash instead, we could save nearly 8.7 billion gallons of water!

Use an E-ticket When Traveling
The cost of processing a paper ticket is approximately $10, while processing an e-ticket costs only $1. Choosing an electronic-only version of your ticket will also save you money on your personal paper and ink supply.Once e-tickets become the only option available, the airline industry will save approximately $3 billion a year, and tons of paper will be saved in the process as well. If you include electronic train tickets, the positive effect on the environment is even greater. 

Have an outdoor eco-friendly tip you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below. 

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