Most of our friends across Wisconsin will already know that Klinke has adopted environmentally-friendly dry cleaning processes. However, many of them have questions about what that actually means, and how we use green dry cleaning measures to help the planet and each other.

While dry cleaning and the environment is obviously a big and complex topic, today we want to share four things we think every one of our customers should know…

#1 What Environmentally-Friendly Dry Cleaning Actually Means

Because the public at large doesn’t know a great deal about the dry cleaning process, it’s not a surprise that many of our customers aren’t exactly sure how it relates to the environment in the first place. The short answer is that traditional dry cleaning involved many harsh chemicals that were later determined to be carcinogens. Businesses like ours have substituted them for other materials that provide the same cleaning and freshness, but without the impact on our planet or health.

#2 There are Many Names and Distinctions for New Dry Cleaning Materials

At Klinke Cleaners, we like to talk about environmentally-friendly dry-cleaning. However, you may also read or hear about green dry cleaning, organic dry cleaning, responsible dry cleaning, and so on. Although there can be minor distinctions from one company to another, these are generally overlapping terms that refer to a process that takes the most dangerous chemicals out of the process (and keeps them away from our air and water).

#3 We Don’t Pass on Any Extra Costs to Our Dry-Cleaning Customers

Let’s face it: we all want to do the right thing, but sometimes it’s hard to spring for more expensive environmentally-friendly products and services. Unlike many other dry cleaners, Klinke Cleaners doesn’t add a surcharge or extra fee for using green products. We think it’s important to do for ourselves, our world, and future generations. To make it easier for our customers, and to avoid giving you a difficult choice, we absorb the costs as part of our normal dry cleaning fees.

#4 We Offer Green Dry Cleaning Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

It’s probably fair to say the most of our customers come to us because we are known for convenient and professional service. However, the fact that we are able to offer dry cleaning in an environmentally responsible way makes us feel better about our work, and lets the people who support us know they are pitching in towards a good cause, too. We think environmentally-friendly dry cleaning isn’t just a good idea, but the right thing to do.

Have more questions about our company and the way we support the Wisconsin communities we operate in? Come back to our blog soon, and be sure to visit one of our many locations around the state to experience the Klinke Cleaners difference for yourself!