If you’re like us, you probably love your pillow. Some of our best times are spent happily snoozing away in bed, and a clean, fluffy pillow can be the perfect invitation to rest and relaxation after a long day. 

But, even if your pillow is doing a good job of supporting your head while you sleep, it might not be quite as fresh as it once was. Strange as it might be to consider, your pillows regularly come into contact with a variety of things – like natural body oils, makeup, hair gel, sweat, and even saliva – that can stain them. It’s no surprise pillows and pillowcases tend to take on a dull, yellow appearance over time. 

While a lot of people may be tempted to buy a new pillow when the one they have becomes stained, that’s really not necessary. Instead, you just need to follow our tips for restoring pillows and pillowcases to their clean, fresh, like-new condition. 

Here are a handful of great tips for removing stains from pillows, courtesy of Klinke Cleaners: 

Removing and Cleaning Pillowcases

The first step is removing your pillowcases, which are best cleaned separately. Because they come into direct contact with skin and hair, they are often the first to turn yellow and retain the most residue. However, cleaning the pillowcase with a stiff brush under hot water, using liquid dish soap, can do wonders. A touch of vinegar can be used on particularly difficult grease stains. 

After that, run the pillowcase through a hot cycle on your washing machine and it should be good as new. 

Washing Your Pillows

Your pillows aren’t difficult to clean, but may require a bit of extra attention. We recommend putting them in your washing machine (checking the label to be sure that’s okay first – most down and synthetic pillows are machine washable), but with a couple of extra steps. Consider adding a bit of very hot water to the tub (even boiling is all right), with a bit of dry laundry soap and a pinch of bleach. Let that sit for half an hour or so before moving on.

Afterward, you can machine wash your pillow as normal, using a hot water setting and liquid detergent. Using a second rinse cycle might be helpful. 

Drying Your Pillows

Usually, pillows can be dried via machine, but you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s instructions to find the right temperature setting (usually it’s “air dry” or the lowest heat setting). If you choose to take this route, you might want to throw a couple of balled-up socks in with the pillows to fluff them as they dry and prevent them from becoming “lumpy.” 

If the weather is warm enough, you may also consider air drying your pillows outdoors for added freshness. 

Keeping Your Pillows Clean and Fresh

Of course, you can repeat this process a few times a year to keep your pillows fresh and in brand-new condition. Alternatively, you may consider showering before bed each night. That doesn’t just minimize the wear and tear on your pillows, but could help you enjoy a more restful sleep. 

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Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / PicsFive