Ahh, summer! With family vacations, camping trips, outdoor recreation and long, hot days, who wants to spend extra time on high maintenance laundry? In our last post, we talked about special summer fabrics such as silks and linens, and how Klinke’s can help you care for them. In addition, Klinke’s, your neighborhood dry cleaner, is here for a whole host of summer dry cleaning needs.

Keep the following ideas in mind about how we can help care for your dry cleaning so you can enjoy the dog days of summer:

  • Vacation prep and post-vacation cleaning. Prior to a summer trip, make sure items are in tip-top shape and ready for proper packing. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to find a stain on your favorite shirt or dress. Also, bring your clothes to Klinke’s promptly upon return, especially fabrics that need special care, to ensure they are properly cleaned and ready for your next adventure.
  • Sleeping bags. These items take a beating on camping trips, or even when they are just thrown on the lawn for an impromptu picnic. And, because many are oversize, it can take several large loads at home to get the job done. Don’t forget the pillows, too!
  • Suntan lotions, insect repellants and more … oh my! Summer clothes can take a beating due to all the various sprays and oils we use more of in summer – such as sunscreen, insect repellant and anti-perspirants. When these items stain your clothes, we can help.
  • Winter bedding. Chances are you’ve changed out your cold weather bedding for a lighter blanket, which makes summer a great time to dry clean all those cozy comforters and extra blankets that keep you warm in winter. The same applies to fall and winter coats. As much as we hate to admit it, we will be getting them out of the closet before we know it.

Keep your summer items in great shape, and get ready for that winter we know will come sooner than we want it to, with help from Klinke Cleaners. We’ll help you stay ready for your next great adventure, whatever season it may be.

(c) Can Stock Photo / pressmaster