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Hand Wash, Machine Wash or Dry Clean

How to clean your clothing seems simple enough – place in washer, add water, some soap and it’s a done deal, right? Wrong. The manufacturers of your clothing take the time to print instructions on those little labels for a reason. Read on to learn the details of how and why things are washed the way they are.  

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Storing Winter Clothing

It’s time to store winter clothing. There’s nothing worse than unpacking your favorite fall sweater and finding that rodents or mold or something else has ruined it. Here are a few quick tips to keep your cold weather wardrobe serviceable. 

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National No Housework Day 4.7.15

You may not know it, but April 7th is national No Housework Day. Rejoice! Confetti! On second thought, let’s not do the confetti just yet. It’s probably best to define the rules of No Housework Day, so you know what you’re in for – especially if there’s confetti involved. 

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The End of Dry Cleaning

Klinke Cleaners discovers the ultimate fabric protector – an unlikely combination of red wine and ink mixed in the perfect ratio. “When this secret gets out, we’ll be closing our doors,” said spokesperson April Firth. 

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March 23rd is National Alien Abduction Day!

Who do you think Scully and Mulder sent their suits to after a close encounter of the third kind? Klinke’s of course. Read on and learn about some of the oddest and most X-File-esque stains we’ve encountered. 

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