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March 23rd is National Alien Abduction Day!

Who do you think Scully and Mulder sent their suits to after a close encounter of the third kind? Klinke’s of course. Read on and learn about some of the oddest and most X-File-esque stains we’ve encountered. 

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Salt Stains 

Getting salt stains out of your favorite leather boots requires an entirely different process than getting road salt from your winter coat or scarves. We’ll break it down for you step by step, so the salt doesn’t break you down.

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Homemade Detergent: The Dirty Truth

It’s a thing that happens. Is this trend really better for the environment and your clothes? Find out…

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Old Stuff Day 3.2.15

What’s old is new again! Pull out some of those early 90’s outfits – a quick trip to the cleaners, via memory lane and you’re a fashionista again. 

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Men’s Fashion Trend: Adding a Dash of Casual to Suits

There have been some pretty big transformations in men’s suits over the years. From the lounge suits of the 1920’s, to the comeback of pleated trousers in the 1950’s, to the slimmer single-breasted suits that men wear today (which were also popular in the 1960’s), the suit has remained a staple of men’s fashion. Today, we’re going to talk about the trend in suit accessories — specifically how they are leaning towards a more casual, relaxed look. 

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