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The Oversized Scarf – A Materials Guide

Aside from the freezing snow, biting wind and ruinous cold, winter is a great time for fashion. Layers and accessories come out of their hiding spots in closets and sealed plastic bins. Boots, mittens, hats, sweaters, hats and of course, scarves. The latest trend in Woman’s Fashion is the Oversized Scarf, the super versatile infinity scarf, the double-length cashmere, chunky knit and more. Here’s your quick reference guide to scarf materials – what to dry clean, hand wash, and more. 

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You’ve already wooed her, now wow her!

It happens every year – the same day, so you’ve got no excuses. Married or dating, even if you’re single (bring a single friend), you can easily make Valentine’s Day an epic event. First, put on a clean shirt and pants (Klinke Cleaners is always looking out for you). 

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Got an old Prom dress? Give it away and make someone’s day!

Our 11th Annual All-dressed-Up Campaign Begins February 9th, 2015. Once again we’ve partnered up with the Junior League of Madison to collect dresses for young ladies to wear to prom. This wildly successful community-focused program has helped many girls and young women find beautiful dresses for very important events in their lives. 

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4 Great Stain Removing Tips for your Favorite Pillow

If you’re like us, you probably love your pillow. Some of our best times are spent happily snoozing away in bed, and a clean, fluffy pillow can be the perfect invitation to rest and relaxation after a long day. 

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How to Remove Stains From Denim

We all have that one favorite pair of jeans we wish we could wear every day and that we want to last forever. But stains from coffee, nail polish, grease, red wine, and even blood can strike from anywhere, ruining your beloved denim in an instant. 

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