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Home Laundry Tips: How to Make Old Towels Soft & Fluffy Again 

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a fluffy new towel. But over time, this plushness may fade. Instead of replacing older towels, why not rejuvenate them by adding some fluffy goodness back into them? These easy tips show you how. In many cases all you’ll need are common household items that are probably in your pantry or closet already.

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5 Environmentally Friendly Things You Can Do Outdoors

In our last blog post, we focused on ways to help keep our planet healthy without leaving the house. Today, we have five suggestions on how to care for the earth when we’re out and about. From animal-friendly ice melt, to using your cruise control, these easy tips can go a long way in helping the environment. Be sure to check out our bonus tips, too!

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5 Environmentally Friendly Things You Can Do Indoors

The environment is very important to us at Klinke Cleaners, which is why we only use products that are safe for people and the planet. In an effort to help keep mother earth healthy, here are five ways you can be environmentally friendly without having to step foot out of your front door. Be sure to check out the bonus tips, too! 

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How to Keep Formal Clothes Looking their Best

Formal wear is often made of luxurious fabrics. Whether it’s moire, taffeta, silk, velvet, satin, organza or metallic prints, these fabrics need special care. Here are five tips that will help keep your formal wear looking and feeling great — even if they’ve been stained with food, makeup or body oil.

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The Best Way to Clean Leather & Suede

Cleaning leather is no easy task. A little known fact is that leather garments need to be cleaned just like fabric-based garments — just not nearly as often. Did you know that we have a partner, Leather Rich in Oconomowoc, that can safely clean your leather garments? Just bring them to any Klinke Cleaners, and we’ll take care of getting them to and from Leather Rich for cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to clean leather garments, like a coat or vest, once a year.

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